Episode three Season Two: Westall 66


At 11am on the 6th of April 1966 in Clayton Victoria, over 200 children and teachers claimed to have witnessed a silver disc shaped object flying over Westall Primary and Westall High School, before it zoomed off into a nearby paddock.

Many of the students followed the object into the paddock. Some even claim they were so close they could touch it, feeling the heat radiating off the thing before it shot off into the sky and disappeared. 

The mass sighting would become known as Westall 66.


Production Team:

Lee Hooper: host, researcher and writer

Carly Godden: host and editing

Christian O’Brien: audio production, original music 

Valium Music: additional original music

Conor Gallacher: voice actor 


Dr Martin Plowman – Ufologistologist

Dr Sebastian Gurciuollo – Archivist and academic researcher of the unknown

Westall Witnesses – Terry and Pauline

Special thanks to Shane Ryan and Rosie Jones

Additional Music Credits

Magnetized - Buried Feather

Search and Destroy - Iggy and the Stooges

Space Song - Beach House

Mountains of Mars - Electric Wizard

The Masters Apprentices - War or Hands Of Time

When the Stars Begin to Fall - The Seekers


Rare audio on Westall UFO Encounter - James Kibel talked to Westall teacher Andrew Greenwood (1966) (QUFOSR-Youtube)

Westall ‘UFO’ incident was actually government radiation testing, reports reveal, Herald Sun, 6 August 2014

Selected sources