On the night of Tuesday the 12th December 1882 in Creswick Victoria 41 gold miners descend 250 feet into the New Australasian No.2 Gold Mine to start their night shift.

Hours later two brothers tie themselves together as the cold, rancid water continues to rise. The Navy is called. A whole town is on edge. The mining community of Victoria will be changed forever.

This episode is dedicated to memory of Dr Joan Hunt.

List of casualties

  • Christian Frederick Fisher (55) Wittenburg, Germany

  • James Carmody (53) County Clare, Ireland

  • George Baulcomb (52 & 10 months) Maidstone, Kent, England

  • Nathaniel Trescowthick (45) Cornwall, England

  • Michael Hayes (45) Ireland

  • John Gower (44) Lyminge, Kent, England

  • William Curtis (42) Gwennap, Cornwall, England

  • James Minahan (38) County Clare, Ireland

  • William Tregloan (37 & 6 months) Marazion, Cornwall

  • Edward Campon Dargon (36) Kilkenny, Ireland

  • Anton Anderson (36) Christianstada, Finland

  • John Henry Crougey(35) Stithians, Cornwall, England

  • James Mitchell Temby (35) Redruth, Cornwall, England

  • James O’Shea  also known as James Walsh (34years & 11 months) County Waterford, Ireland

  • Carl Waldemar Theodor Serrurier (34) Berlin, Prussia

  • Thomas Penbertha Chegwin (31) Redruth, Cornwall, Ireland

  • Abraham Wyatt (31)  Adelaide, South Australia

  • Jabez Bellingham (28) Worcestershire England

  • Benjamin Bowen Bellingham (21) Happy Valley, Victoria.

  • John Tom Clifton (27) Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England

  • Edward Wood (26) Oldham, Lancashire, England

  • John Thomas Hodge (18) Creswick


Production Team

Lee Hooper: host, writer, researcher

Carly Godden: host and editing

Christian O’Brien: audio production, original music 

Kat Mear: singer – The Sweet Bye and Bye


Dr Joan Hunt – Victorian mining historian

Darren Bellingham – Geologist, tour guide and Bellingham ancestor

Gary Ellis – Country music singer and Bellingham ancestor

Dr Jan Croggin – Historian at Sovereign Hill Museum

Additional Music Credits

A Tall Shadow & The Widow – Graveyard Train

Extras - audio

The Sweet Bye and Bye – Kat Mear

Serena Ioannucci describes the experiences of those on Sovereign Hill Museum tour ‘Trapped’ – which tells the Creswick story