Episode six Season Two: The Hawker

Sultan Allum was a hawker, a traveling trader from British India - now modern day Pakistan. One night he made the fateful decision to seek shelter at the Junction Hotel at Miner’s Rest, located near the Victorian town of Ballarat.

Just who were the Indian Hawkers and how well did the police handle their investigation of this troubling case? 


Production Team:

Carly Godden: host, research, writing, production 

Lee Hooper: host, research, editing, assistant production 

Christian O’Brien: sound production, original music, assistant production

Conor Gallacher:  voice actor  


Mark Grealy: historical researcher

Hanifa Deen: award-winning author 

Extra Music Credits:

شہری - Sikandar Ka Mandar 

Too Late to Save My Soul - Jemma Nicole


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