Episode Five Season Two: Refuge for the Unwanted


Psychiatric hospitals, mental institutions, mental asylums, lunatic asylums, nut houses, funny farms, the loony bin. Mental health facilities of bygone eras have gone by many names, and not all of them complimentary or kind.

These hospitals with their dark and intriguing architecture, their rundown appearance and supernatural reputations are frequently considered awesome places filled with ghosts and misery. 

But these places were often home to individuals within society who had no one to care for them and nowhere else to go. These places were their home.


Production Team:

Lee Hooper: host, researcher and writer

Carly Godden: host and editing

Christian O’Brien: audio production, original music 

Connor Gallagher: Voice actor


Geoff Brown – Author/Tour owner – Beechworth Asylum

Bronwyn Jarrad – Tour Guide – Beechworth Asylum

Anita Payne – Family historian/ex-Psychiatric Nurse

Extra Music Credits

A Solitary Reign – Amenra

One day you will teach me to let go – Sleepmakeswaves

16 Psyche – Chelsea Wolfe

Peggy Sue – Buddy Holly

Primitive – The Cramps

Belief – Neurosis

The Wheel – PJ Harvey


National Mental Health Strategy Information, Department of Health

The Cunningham Dax Collection, Melbourne University

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