Episode 7 Season Two: Melbourne Still on Strike


This episode we explore two more Melbourne stories of people rising up and sticking it to the man.

It’s world war one and class tensions on the Melbourne homefront are mounting. “I can tell you about the broken lives that caused the broken windows” says activist and suffragette Adela Pankhurst. 

In the early 1930s, the unemployed organise and fight a barrage of evictions across the suburb of Brunswick, even if it means breaking a few windows. Or getting shot. 

Check out the original Melbourne On Strike episode in Season One. 


Production Team:

Carly Godden: host, research, writing, production

Lee Hooper: host, editing, production assistance

Christian O’Brien: production assistance, audio production, original score


Dr Judith Smart: RMIT University

Iain McIntyre: historian, writer and broadcaster

Dr Michael Counihan 

Additional music credits

Highway Tune - Greta Van Fleet

It Waits - Lost Talk



At the start of the March 

The cough…Stone Dust


The Argus 13 June 1933

Daily Telegraph 

Adela Pankhurst prison record VPRS/P2 vol 13 

Selected Sources