Located in the heart of historical Bank Place lies the Mitre Tavern pub – a Melbourne institution known especially for its resident ghost! It’s said to be haunted by the spirit of Connie Waugh, the mistress of local heavyweight Sir Rupert Clarke.

In this episode Dead & Buried investigates two classic Melbourne urban legends in our version of history mythbusting. We unearth the paper trail surrounding former Melbourne stars who have lingered in the limelight well beyond the grave. And what we uncover might upset more than a few ghosthunters!


Production Team:

Carly Godden: host, writer and researcher

Lee Hooper: host, writer

Robin Waters: music, direction and audio production

Ben Robertson: additional audio production


McGregor Rose actor

Alex Grey assistant manager Mitre Tavern

Correction: George Gordon Cumming was Amy (Aimee) Mary Cumming’s brother and Sir Rupert Clarke’s brother-in-law.