All Hallows' Eve



All Hallows' eve

Ghosties, ghoulies, murder and scandal! Melbourne has certainly had its fair share. On this All Hallows' Eve we welcome you to...


In this bumper-sized episode we speak to historian Dr David Waldron about  the continued obsession in Victoria with ghosts and folks scaring each other. We'll also hear a colonial haunted house story, guaranteed to have you shaking in your boots. And we end with the true, disturbing and sad tale of Mabel Ambrose - the 'body in the box'.

This episode contains disturbing subject matter, including abortion, torture and abuse. Content is not suitable for children. Listener discretion is advised.


Production Team:

Lee Hooper: host, researcher and writer

Carly Godden: host and writer

Phoebe Wilkens: researcher and writer

Robin Waters: music, direction & audio production


Dr David Waldron Lecturer in History and Anthropology at Federation University

Catherine Bennet Actor