Dead & Buried was created by Carly Godden + Lee Hooper.

With backgrounds in historical research, curation and a longstanding love of creepy tales, Carly and Lee dreamed up Dead & Buried as new way to tell stories they discovered while working at Public Record Office Victoria, Victoria’s State Archives and for Born & Bred Historical Research

Dead & Buried took out a 2016 Frankie Magazine Good Stuff Award and has been profiled in Frankie (April 2017), Smith Journal (Summer 2017), The Herald Sun online, ABC Drive, Triple R Breakfasters & Red Magpie Magazine. In November 2016 Dead & Buried peaked at no 28 in the Australian iTunes Charts and no 10 in the Society & Culture category. Lee and Carly have appeared as guest speakers at numerous events, conferences and panels. For media enquires contact deadandburiedmelb@gmail.com


Carly Godden

Co-creator, co-host, writer and producer

Carly works at Public Record Office Victoria in community archives, a job involving her in everything records related.

She has a degree in history from the University of Melbourne, where she also studied law. She is no stranger to true crime, having worked briefly in criminal legal defence. Retrieving criminal evidence misplaced by her boss in the men’s lavatory, during trial, and on more than one occasion, was a career highlight of this period. Dead & Buried is the Frankenstein’s monster of her combined passions for heritage, social justice, writing, music and of course, podcasts.


Lee Hooper

Co-creator, co-host, researcher and writer

Lee has a love of old creepy houses, unlocking mysteries found within Victorian public records and writing fiction and non-fiction that expresses her love of a good spun yarn and the articulate telling of true tales.

For six years she worked at Public Record Office Victoria getting her hands dirty delving into the dusty records. Lee is currently Senior Genealogist at the State Trustees and co-director of Born & Bred Historical Research.

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Phoebe Wilkens

Researcher and writer

Phoebe Wilkens has a passion for genealogy and love of researching family skeletons. She enjoys digging deeper into a family’s history and loves to write about historical events and discoveries found in the archives. Phoebe has a wide range of experience working in the history field, including several years at Public Record Office Victoria, the Geelong Heritage Centre, as a researcher and is co-director of Born & Bred Historical Research.



Rebecca Young

Publicity, audience development and social media

Rebecca is Dead & Buried's go to for all things media, publicity, social media and audience development. She also happens to be our resident podcast expert, with over 40 different shows on constant rotation from This American Life to Love & Radio to obscure true crime podcasts...you name it she listens to it. Being so plugged in to the best and brightest in the podcasting world she holds the Dead & Buried team to the highest standards at all times.



Robin Waters

Music, direction and audio production

Robin records, mixes, produces, writes, and plays music for himself and others. He performed for over 10 years with The Boat People and has recorded or mixed over 50 artists in the last 5 years, including Eves the Behaviour, Sophie Koh, The Bedroom Philosopher and Ella Hooper (Killing Heidi). He has additional recording/performance supervision for TV series such as Ms. Fisher's Murder Mysteries (ABC).

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